Ski Resort & Slopes

A ski resort for everyone

Gaissau Hintersee offers everything you need for your perfect skiing day - 34 kilometers spacious slopes and a variety of sport and culinary - no matter if you want to enjoy our offers for one day or more.

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Open Slopes & Facilities

Appropriate slopes for everyone

Our ski resort offers slopes for professional skiers, beginners, freeskiers and many more. Slopes for race athletes at the Anzenberg, sunny slopes at the Spielberg or for the ones who want more action, the downhill valley run to Hintersee is recommendable. What do you prefer?

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360° Panorama

360° Panorama

Our webcams show you fascinating views of Salzburg mountains.

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Ski Schools & Rentals

Learn how to ski or improve your skills

Make use of our ski schools - they offer special courses where you can learn how to ski in a short time. The state of the art ski equipment, which you can rent, convey you an unique skiing experience.

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Families & Practice Area

Practice makes perfect

Especially for children and beginners Gaissau Hintersee offers secure slopes and practice areas. As most of the slopes are spacious, they are very convenient for families.

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Ski Mountaineering

Ski mountaineering in the ski area

There is a variety of tours in a secure area and in addition you can enjoy a spectacular panorama.

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Pure Recovery

Regain your energy

Sparkling snow, sun and cosy alpine huts contribute to your recovery. Enjoy your life on the mountain!

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