Ski Mountaineering in the Ski Resort

Gaissau Hintersee is popular for ski mountaineers who prefer staying in an organised ski area. There is a variety of tours in a secure area and in addition you get rewarded with a wonderful panorama over the Alps. There are 10 alpine huts which invite you for a stop.

Parking Fee

  • From Monday to Friday € 5,-/car
  • From Saturday to Sunday € 7,-/car


If you buy the Gaissau Hintersee "friends"-Card (€ 75,-) ski mountaineers do not have to pay for the parking.

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The most popular tracks

Ski Mountaineering Length Meters Duration Level of difficulty
Gaissau Talstation (864m) - Spielbergalm (1.310m) - Wieserhörndl (1.567m) 4.060m 703 1,75h middle
Spielbergalm (1.310m) - Spielberg (1.428m) 770m 145 0,5h easy
Spielbergalm (1.310m) - Wieserhörndl (1.567m) 1.650m 300 0,75h easy/middle
Kurvenlift Tal (920m) - Anzenberghöhe (1.373m) 2.610m 466 1,25h easy/middle
Anzenberghöhe (1.368m) - Anzenberg (1.454m) 1.070m 84 0,5h easy
Anzenberghöhe (1.368m) - Wieserhörndl (1.567m) 1.970m 198 1h easy/middle
Hintersee Talstation (750m) - Anzenberg (1.456m) 3.020m 721 2h middle